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johnnythepop HEY!!! i LUV your quotes!!!
diamondgirl I love your quotes - I can relate to all of them :3
cutepikachu thanks

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  • Must my brain be smarter than me?!
  • That damn awkward moment when you're trying to talk to someone, But they're like: "Hold on," and go away. And a few minutes later they forget that you were even gonna talk to them.
  • I need a phone, A very special one. One that takes a second to charge, And has 1000% battery, That actually lasts
  • I hate chatting with absolute idiots. They either don't reply, Or they spam you with 8 seperate texts all on the same subject with 2 words in each chatbox

Favorite Quotes (29)

  • Woahhh. Another unproductive year goes by.
  • Puntuation is the difference between "lets eat, dad," and "lets eat dad."
  • I Just Deleted A Whole Quote Because Of A Spelling Error.
  • There's Always Going To Be That One Person You're Always Going To Have A Tiny Crush On.

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  • How do parents expect good grades when I push on pull doors?


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