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For people who actually think I'm a unicorn, this may come to a surprise to you but I'm actually... a male.

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shanna Hi!! thanks for the friend invite!! :D
curlytop3434 HEY! Havent talked to you in a while... how's it goin? :)
curlytop3434 Lol we've all done that at some point
creatorc1 omg haven't been on here in 2 months, sorry for the MASSIVE late reply!!
meemsmcguirk Hihi. I Havent been on in a long time, and i apologize for that but i want you to know that i wont be on as often. I'll try to come on at least once a month. How's college going for you? Did you find a college you're interested in? Sorry i havent been on in a while. I'll try to reply to you as soon as i can. Byebye
meemsmcguirk Omgg! I can't believe you were gone that long! Hope you spent those 2 months doing something exciting😊 hows college coming along? Did you find any you're interested in?😊
creatorc1 Havent been on in 2 months omg! really sorry!
meemsmcguirk Oops! sorry for the late reply. glad to hear you're doing well. Im doing okay. Out of school (FINALLY A BREAK FROM PEOPLE) Not stressed anymore and feeling a lot better. Thanks for showing me love!
creatorc1 Helllooo! I haven't been on in ages either so i apologies if I reply late as well! College is going great at the moment and im actually changing course next year so hopefully that'd be fun lol. What about you? Are you doing your exams yet?
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  • Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... but trusting them not to
  • Does anyone else order something at a restaurant regardless whether it's on the menu or not? Because if they don't have a burger, I'm still gonna order it.
  • When your girl catches you cheating:
  • You know you're lazy when you're typing in your password for your phone and you get it wrong half way through but you press enter anyway just to get rid of the word quicker...

Favorite Quotes (57)

  • Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... but trusting them not to
  • If I'm nobody, and nobody's perfect, does that mean I'm perfect?
  • girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle
  • i wish there were mini whales like 6 inch whales that u could put in a tank & own as pets like hey look at my pet whale that'd be great

Favorite LolSoTrue (10)

  • Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Go skydiving with no parachute.
  • Dear auto correct, please stop changing my rude words into nice ones. You piece of shut.
  • The closest I've come to murder is holding my Oreos under the milk until the bubbles stop.
  • Everything I like is expensive, illegal, or won't text me back.


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