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HEY U CAME TO MY PROFILE! am I the only person that loves the game candy land? I live in Washington ( the RAINY! state) and love the Percy Jackson series, muffins and Dinos!

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user43 Hai. Dat profile pic is so kawaii X3
cooperm217 Thanks! Luv The Narwhale ♥
clithridiat OMG, I love your profile picture! GO DINOCORNS!
cooperm217 thanks I made a t-shirt with a dino on it #CUTE DINO SHIRT!
clithridiat Or unisaurs...
canedist.ivade Heeey
canedist.ivade Thanks! Hope you find more ideas for the new book. Liked that you added a truth or dare game. Hope you have fun at Disneyland!
cooperm217 omg I loved it! Please write more!!!!
canedist.ivade It might be dumb when you read it because I made it with my friend when I was eleven
cooperm217 She really is I can't wait to read your book!
canedist.ivade She must be nice. I wrote a book but I didn't finish it.
cooperm217 Cool! I have one to my username is giantcat10 but the only book I wrote was: the forest, my home. My friend wrote the other one. She let me post a 'story in progress' on her page.
canedist.ivade Thank you so much! It makes me relieved and yes I do have an wattpad account named MicFord
cooperm217 Hey I love your quotes and posts! It makes me feel super inspired. do u have a wattpad account?
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  • That moment when: you're stuck in Hell with a person you hate and you get mad at them. Where do you tell them to go now? Hmmmmm?
  • Cooperm217 #2 That akward moment when you're looking at a toy on the shelf in a store and you grab that random kid next to u thinking it's your brother/sister #IT'S HAPPENED TO ME
  • Cooperm217 #1 That REALLY akward moment in class when you're feeling really warm and then u realize you're wearing your PJ top.

Favorite Quotes (52)

  • Me: Can I go to the bathroom? Teacher: I don't know, can you? Me: Girl, I will crap on your desk all day, don't get sassy with me!
  • To all those people who think there is a murder in your bathroom while you take a shower What would you do if there really was someone there?
  • When will my teachers learn, it doesn't matter were or how far you put me away from my friends we are still going to talk in the middle of class :D
  • Smart phones will go off when the battery is at 1% for the next 3 hours...... If you're so smart plug yourself in!

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  • The awkward moment when you die and your life flashes before you and all you see is the Internet.
  • Nice tan! What's your race? Carrot?
  • I love you and all, but if there's a zombie apocalypse, I'm sacrificing you.
  • No matter how old you are, when the ketchup bottle farts, it's funny.


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