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I love to read, cross stitch, make polymer clay stuff, play violin and piano, and look at funny photos/quotes.

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  • Me: I'm going to spend all this week studying for the upcoming exam. If 3X=Y... Exam Question: If you own six purple pumpkins and your dog wants to run around, how much money do you owe to the bank. Me: ... Exam Question: The answer is 500 carrots because snow is white.
  • Friend: Why are you spending so long on your paper? Me: I need to know which font to use. Friend: Which ones are you interested in? Me: Oh, you know, "Just Another Hand", "Indie Flower", "Fancy Fingers", or "Bang in the Dark" Friend: ...
  • Me: I'm Going To Go Walk 3 Miles Today. (Takes Dog For A Walk) Friend: Hey, What's His Name Me: 3 Miles


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