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clithridiat Your avatar: Creepy, cute, weird Basically me.
briseyda Haha thanks!
thatsme763 Hey I've decided to start expanding the disney quotes thingy that I do to sidekicks and villains too not just the princesses! Exciting I know right? If you have any requests for a character just drop me a comment on my profile page and hopefully I can fill your request soon. Unfortunately I'm at camp until the 10th of July so it might take a while for me to get your request but I assure you that I will fulfill it ASAP! Thanks! -Grace
steph Heehee I like your avatar!
briseyda Why.. thanks! *_*

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  • Dear Dora, you've been 5 years old for about 11 years... Tell me what's your secret!!!
  • Dear girls, If a guy pauses a video game just to text you back. Marry him
  • Girl: How much do you love me? Boy: Well look at the stars and count them. That's how much I love you. Girl: But it's morning. Boy: Exactly
  • I was having a pretty bad day... but then you said "Hi"

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  • that akward moment when ur crush catches u staring at him <3 <3 <3 <3
  • I'm shy but loud I'm annoying but fun I'm weird but normal I'm stupid at times but smart I'm crazy but calm I'm energetic but lazy


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