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GIRLHOOD IS A GIFT! I just want to enjoy my LIFE! IDC about anything else <3

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rlbae8 No problem, you deserve em'. :D
ayushashete awiee...thats so sweet
shimmer Thanks for the love!!!
ayushashete welcome!!
rlbae8 What's up? :D
ayushashete hehe
rlbae8 just chillin' and making quotes
ayushashete nothing much...what about u
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  • hey! i m back
  • The happiest and strongest people you meet at day are usually the people who cry themselves to sleep at night.
  • when somebody calls at 2am and says &quot;sorry were u sleeping?&quot; and i&#39;m like..&quot;no dancing&quot; uhhhhhhhhhh!!
  • success builds character, failure reveals it!

Favorite Quotes (700)

  • Sometimes Quiet is Violent
  • Thank you, grocery stores, for giving me a free meal made out of all of your free samples.
  • How DARE you call me a nerd! Like seriously, I&#39;m obviously a geek! Huge difference.
  • CNN: Hillary Clinton Rescues Child from a Burning Home FOX: Crooked Hillary Clinton Tries to Take Jobs Away from Hard Working Firefighters

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  • Never piss off someone who bleeds for 5 days, every month and doesn't die.
  • Never piss off someone who bleeds for 5 days, every month and doesn't die.
  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • I hate it when I say I hate everyone and someone's gotta be like, 'Oh except me lol'. Haha no bitch, especially you.


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