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Hi! I think that this is the best website ever. it gives me the smiles that I need in my life, and takes away all my troubles that bury themselves in my mind.

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  • Best friends are the people that were going to be twins, but god decided that no mother could handle them...
  • You called me a bitch?! Bitches are dogs; dogs pee on trees; trees are nature; nature is beautiful... So thank you for calling me beautiful!
  • ME: OMFG! I'm actually happy right now!!! LIFE: LOL! Wait a second.... ME: F***! OH! Sorry Principal Evans. PRINCIPAL: DETENTION!!!! ME: I. hate. life. LIFE: HEY!!!
  • The other day, I asked my mum what her favourite thing in the whole world was: she said chocolate... over her children. GIRL, TALK TO THE LLAMA!

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  • when you do all your work for the week and you feel like a king.


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