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When you get older, I think you realize that nothing will ever be the same again, and that at some point you have to grow up. Except, some people, even in adulthood, don't ever take that to heart.

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  • Let me just say this - don't assume that because you have grown up differently that means that anyone who has had it better can't have feelings or doesn't deserve to, because that pisses me the fuck off. Having feelings is part of being a human - it happens to all of of. Being in that situation does not give anyone a good reason to use people, and tear them down, or tell them how to feel, or not to feel. Just remember that there are people out there who are very good at pretending to be the victim, and will continue to be that way.
  • I'm such a lazy person that when I eat apples I eat the sticker, too.
  • I think teenage boys are the most confusing breed of human I have ever met...
  • Calories? Do you mean delicious points?

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  • no offense but it costs approximately $0.00 to not be shitty to others
  • boys who constantly correct your grammar and spelling in texts while they consistently can't spell for shit literally make me so tired
  • growing up is basically bemoaning younger versions of yourself like some sort of never-ending babushka doll of self-hate
  • me: I just love attention :) person: *looks at me for longer than one second* me: what the fuck do you want, leave me alone

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  • Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people.
  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.


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