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Just a heavy-metal loving chick with a crush on Kirk Hammett and an annoying Jack Russel Terrier. No friends in real life, for I am no more than a pathetic excuse for a human. I often contemplate on why I was even born if nobody wants me now.

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  • Me: *Is carrying two armloads of stuff* Mom: *Is carrying two bags* Mom: Can you get the door for me? My hands are full.
  • I am here for you. I will gladly listen if you need an ear. I will gladly give you a hand if you need one. I will gladly give you whatever help you need.... ...If only you would take it....
  • Looking at the mirror after you get out of bed:
  • When I'm looking for the date number: "What day is today?" "Tuesday." When I'm looking for the day: "What day is today?" "The 14th."

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  • I sometimes go to my own little world, but it's okay. They know me there.
  • There are two kinds of friends: those who around when you need them & those who are around when they need you
  • I wonder if I have ever eaten an egg That came from a chicken I ate
  • In my eyes, they are Everything. but in their eyes I'm Just Another Fan in the crowd.


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