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This is the official admin account for LOLSOTRUE. I'm here to answer any questions you may have or help you if you're experiencing any problems on LOLSOTRUE. Also if you'll like to know how I style my quotes, leave me a comment here and I'll tell you how I do them. Leave me a comment here on my profile and I'll get back to you asap. Comments with issues resolved will be deleted.

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user501 How do I delete a quote? It's repetitive and I didn't mean to create--just wanted to preview.
totallyus You should make a place to show who is online even if they aren't you friends so we can expand friendships.
83839 It says my quote is overlapping! how do i fix it and what does it mean?!

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  • This lipstick would look great on your lips
  • Teacher: so let's see whose gonna answer that question
  • When you gotta tie up your hair so it doesn't get in your food
  • I'm shy at first but, I do the stupidest random things when I get comfortable with someone.

Favorite Quotes (587)

  • When you join LolSoTRue for the first time and have no idea what you are doing
  • When you tap your pockets but don't feel your phone
  • When life hands you lemons, be thankful God didn't slip and hit the demons button
  • The Only Ways I Text Back

1. Immediately
2. Never

Favorite LolSoTrue (73)

  • Only in college can you go to lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went.
  • Relationships are basically just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies.
  • I might be annoying, but at least my lock screen isn't a selfie.
  • Every day is leg day when you're running away from your problems.


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