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  • Thinking about you, and all the jokes we've shared. Most of it was teasing each other, or hugging, or venting. Talking about... Stuff & Things with you <3
  • attempting to teach your friend merengai and failing horribly in an attempt to get a guy to notice you (and ask you to dance?)
  • The terrifying question I refuse to ask: "Do I look pretty at all without makeup?
  • Me today: Hey, do me a favor? Friend: What? Me: stab me in the face....

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  • It's annoying how someone is indecisive, so then you have to make a decision for them, but then they get all bucky because they don't like the decision you made.
  • People spent the first two years of my life teaching me how to talk, and they haven't stopped telling me to shut up since.
  • When I'm doing a puzzle and two pieces don't fit. BAM! BANG! SMASH!!! Huh, I guess they do fit.
  • Why do girls have to cover their shoulders in school? I mean, what guy is gonna go up to a girl and be like , "Dang that is one fine shoulder."


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