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Hi. Ummm. Yeah. Have fun I guess. Enjoy life? Idek what to put in a bio. I guess I like pink. And books. And other stuff, like music and friends. I also enjoy laughing. Dum dum dum

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lorita hheeey thanx 4 the likes :)
abdrew And thanks for the love!
abdrew Hi guys, welcome to my account/ page thing😛

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  • I can turn silver into gold! duct tape is silver silence is golden And the crap coming out of your mouth is annoying
  • I don't think much of a man who is not WISER today than he was yesterday. -Abraham Lincoln
  • Just saw A quote about Dillan o'Brien... so amazing...
  • when you misspell a word like dumb, you feel pretty dum

Favorite Quotes (279)

  • I'm thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength.
  • Make the most of tonight...Worry about it tomorrow. :-)
  • I love those memories which make me smile no matter what is going on in my life at that moment.
  • Real friends don't get offended when you insult them. They smile and say something even more offensive.

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  • The worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line.
  • There may be no excuse for laziness, but I'm still looking.
  • Dear auto correct, please stop changing my rude words into nice ones. You piece of shut.
  • I don't think it's a coincidence that 'morning' and 'mourning' sound the same.


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