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I've been looking for a website like this and this is just perfect. I am a imaginative UNICORN (not really, I'm a female) and I have read lots of lolsotrue posts and I would love to write one and create one of my own. I might be the most popular person in the world but it would be nice if I got noticed. Bye PEEPS!

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  • *on a hot day* "Oh I wish it was winter, it's so hot!" *ON a cold day* "Oh I wish it was summer, It's so Cold!"
  • I love that feeling when I wake up on a Saturday, thinking it's a school day, but then realise it's the weekend.
  • I hAtE It whEn LetTTERS ArE LIkE tHis
  • Who else hates it when you're peacefully texting but autocorrect seems to join into the conversation? Me: I know, she's such a beach! Friend: What?? Me:I meant bitch!


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