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Hallo Unicornians! Nah, I'm female ;D I would like to say everything about BFFs are awesome and epic. My fave animals are foxes and yorkshire terriers. Aqua Out.

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  • Time Lost is Time wasted That's why some people say time is like GOLD
  • Mom: Go take a shower now. Me: Later Please!! Mom: 6:00 ok Me: Fine -.- ~After My Shower~ Mom: Time to change! Me: Just a little bit longer! ~3 minutes later of singing while freezing cold~ Mom: GET OUT NOW!! In Short You don't wanna go in the shower You don't wanna get out of the shower
  • A Best Friend is like a Four Leaf Clover They are HARD to find and LUCKY to have

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  • Whenever I turn on the shower, I quickly run away from the water and come back.
  • me at age five - i love u mommy at 16 - i hate her at 21 - mom was right 71 - i wish mom was here love if u love mom
  • Admit it, we have all done one of the following things in our childhood; 1. Tried to balance the light between 'on' and 'off'. 2. Imagined the lines on pathways to be snakes and purposely stepped over them every time. 3. Close the fridge door very slowly to see when the light goes off. 4. Made a 'cubby' out of blankets and boxes. 5. Pretended the floor was lava and trying to leap from one thing to another to avoid it.
  • Teacher: You failed the test. Me: The test didn't work on me. Teacher: ... Me: (whispers) They call it Divergent...


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