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  • When the girl takes 2 hours to get ready, and the boy has to wait. But when the boy hasnt put on his shoes before the girl comes down. The boy is the problem. ROOD
  • The struggle... Parents : Normal mode, on Friends : Silly/Crazy mode, on Lil kids : Barnie mode, on Your crush : Awkward mode, on I know... Its wierd. But if you mix it up its not the wierd one, you are.
  • Dont fight over the dick, ladies!
  • When chu repeat ur song becoz you missed ur fav line.

Favorite Quotes (2)

  • When you accidentaly hit your pet. And you apoligize to them.
  • 'When you smile, your teeth are like glistening stars.' . . . . . . . . . . Big, yellow and far from eachother.


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