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I doesn't has a gender. I is a unicorn. Neigh. I love life. x3

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  • Don't tell anyone, but I have anuptaphobia- fear of staying single forever.
  • When you are waiting for Christmas. 15 days. 2 weeks. 13 days. 12 days. 12 days. 12 days. 12 days. 12 days.
  • How text emoticons work: <3 XD u.u :* X_X I love you LOL I'm Sad Kiss me Dead :'( D: O_o </3 Crying NUUU I can't even Why u no love me?
  • Wishing that you can beat someone up really bad, But you don't wanna make them cry. I hate seeing people cry. It makes me wanna cry. :'(

Favorite Quotes (14)

  • Pretty much everyone spells my name wrong
  • "Did you just fall?!" "No, I attacked the floor." "Backwards?!" "I'm freaking talented!"
  • School: 4+4=8 Homework: 4x8+32 Test: Jasmine has 12 pencils. She is 12 minutes late for work. Find out how many seconds there are in 50 years.
  • Idiots. They're everywhere.


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