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12345678 This website is amazing
12345678 it should get a grammy for its amazingness
12345678 I know right.

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  • Cake is the only food that people will run to after people have spit on it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! BLOW
  • I find it awkward when I'm texting someone and they write "LOL", but I know in reality they are just sitting there with a straight face and not actually laughing out loud.
  • My friends are cool... But my best friends are the... BOMBDIGIDI!!
  • You stand right next to the goal post waiting for the ball to come to you and you finally score.... That is called a.... BULLSHIT GOAL!!

Favorite Quotes (106)

  • me: im over my crush Crush: hey Me: nevermind
  • Me when I found out we were going to the Hershey Store.
  • People say that you can't live without love. It's true. I'd be dead without you Chocolate. <3
  • Having diarrhea and running out of toilet paper- The toilet paper is across the house. -.- -gets up, quietly opens the bathroom to check for people- creeeak. -looks and continues- Um, what are you doing? -someone sees you butt naked from the waist down with diarrhea all over your butt. Always bring an extra roll to the bathroom

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  • Things that shouldn't be broken: 
1) Hearts 
2) Promises 
3) Condoms


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