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You realize that you could just press that love button instead of reading this right?but ehh HI!!

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rlbae8 Ur quotes are so freakin' genius!
lorita Luv ur quotes....:)
atikamasood hey

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  • I Honestly Believe That Instead Of LOL We Should Use LOLWKASF "Laughing Out Loud While Keeping A Straight Face"
  • Honestly,My Fake Laugh Is Far More Better Than My Real One.
  • I Will Take Straight A's This Year.... ...Right After I Finish My 365 Day Break.
  • I Just Don't How The People Brush Their Teeth On Tv....So Calmly,Relaxed..... I Mean THERE'S A FRIKIN' TORNADO IN MY MOUTH WHENEVER I BRUSH!!!

Favorite Quotes (591)

  • What needs to be invented? Earbud extension cords. BAM.
  • I wonder if clouds ever look down at us and think "Hey, that one's shaped like an idiot."
  • If you ask me a stupid question, I feel obliged to give a sarcastic answer
  • Next person to text me "Guess what?" and then leave is gonna get hit.

Favorite LolSoTrue (27)

  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Do you ever just wanna meet the opposite sex version of you?
  • Our hair turning gray is like our body running out of ink.


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